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Photos by Alexa Burnell/22nd Century Media Jack Yonover, 13, talks to the crowd about food allergies after showing his documentary, “That Bites!,” on Thursday, April 16, at the Wilmette Theatre.
Paul Yonover (left) and Jill Yonover stand next to their son Jack as Dana Morris from Food Allergy Research & Education addresses the crowd.
Alexa Burnell, Staff Writer
9:35 am CDT April 21, 2015

Birthday parties and Halloween are typically two of the most joyful events in childhood. But to a child with food allergies, these rights of passage can often seem intimidating rather than celebratory.

No one knows this better than Jack Yonover, 13, of Wilmette, whose food allergies inspired him to create a documentary called, “That Bites!,” detailing his story and the story of other children living with food allergies.