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Photos by Lois Bernstein/22nd Century Media Hannah Bender (center) performs in the final number named “Here, Now. GO!” that includes the entire Kinesis company. The group presented its annual show Feb. 7-8 at New Trier.
Abby Wilson appears in a fog from the wings accompanied by Bella Leon and Jenna Katlin on the ground.
Robin Park lifts Julie Beaucaire in the dance “Where the Light Comes In.”
The dancers perform “Where the Light Comes In.”
Ellie Hanlon is lifted by Victoria Werth (left) and Emily Wang in the dance “Glyphic.”
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5:00 am CST February 11, 2019
The Performing Arts Division at New Trier High School presented Kinesis, its student dance company, in concert Feb. 7-8 at the Northfield Campus Cornog Auditorium.