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Photos by Rhonda Holcomb/22nd Century Media Piper Jensen (left), 7, of Wilmette, learns about water sheds and pollutants from Krista Grimm, with the League of Women Voters-Wilmette, at the annual Going Green Matters environmental fair Sunday, March 10, at the Michigan Shores Club in Wilmette.
Theo Schonberg (right), 11, of Wilmette talks to Gail and Laura Montenegro, of Wilmette, about monarch butterflies.
Virginia George (left), of Wilmette, stops by the Evanston ReBuilding Booth to talk with Chris Mailing and Nancy Bennett.
Joanna Potakis (left), a teacher and Green Team advisor, works turn old t-shirts into bags with Addison Cole, 10, of Wilmette, Lyla Cotter, 9, of Wilmette, and Central School Principal Becky Littman at the Wilmette District 39 Green Team booth.
Rich Huszag, of Wilmette, educates and endorses LED lights.
Mercer McCarthy, 5, of Wilmette, creates energy by pedaling a bike at the Working Bikes Cooperative booth while mom, Katie, and brother, Niall, 5, look on.
Cynthia Myers (left), with ReThink Electric, and Annie von Dohlen, 13, of Wilmette, dress up in plastic bags to spread their message.
Juliet Zielke (left), of Wilmette, learns some tips about greener living from Maia Webel and Sydney Bitar at the Green Your Life booth.
Staff Report
12:13 pm CDT March 11, 2019