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Kim Phuc, known as the “Napalm Girl,” talks to Marie Murphy students Sept. 10 in Wilmette. Photos by Rhonda Holcomb/22nd Century Media
Students (left to right) Eleanor Hardesty, of Northfield, Garriella Manzano, of Wilmette, Nora Niehus, of Glenview, and Eva Patel, of Wilmette, react to the presentation.
Nick Ut (left), the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer of the “Napalm Girl” image, meets with Marie Murphy Principal Matt Palcer and Phuc.
Phuc holds up two cups that she used to demonstrate how she let go of the hatred in her heart and replaced it with forgiveness.
Hilary Anderson, Freelance Reporter
10:00 am CDT September 13, 2019

Most people who lived during the time of Vietnam War remember a stunning photo of a little girl running naked following the Napalm bombing of her village.

Others born later probably have seen the photo in a history book telling the story of the war.

That little girl, Kim Phuc, survived, and today is a happy grandmother.