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Photos by Erin Yarnall/22nd Century Media A rice dish at Pho Nam Bac ($9.99) comes served with a grilled pork chop also comes with steamed white race, a fried egg and the vegetable of the day.
The rice noodle bowl ($9.99) is served with a choice of protein, including grilled lemongrass chicken, and then garnished with bean sprouts, lettuce, mint and cucumber, all resting in a homemade sauce.
Pho Nam Bac’s crab rangoon ($4.99) is served in five piece portions.
The str-fried egg noodle ($8.99) dish is served with thin egg noodles stir fried with various vegetables and a choice of protein.
Michal Dwojak, Contributing Sports Editor
5:00 am CDT July 21, 2019
Lien Le needed some help to fulfill her dream.