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Photo Poll

Week of July 7, 2014

“What is you favorite food to eat from the barbecue?’

“A hot dog because I feel like a true American when I eat them off the grill.”

Mia Cummins

“Ribs because they taste really good.”

Sam Cummins

“Sausage and sweet corn because I’ve had them before and they taste good.”

Finn McCarthy

“Burgers because they are a great summer food. They are also great outside food.”

Alana Kapnis

Week of June 20, 2014

Have you been watching the World Cup?

“I don’t follow soccer, I only like the popular sports in America.”

Zack Miller

“I haven’t been watching. Soccer is not big here. It doesn’t have the appeal of baseball or football.”

Paige Robinson

“The World Cup is intriguing; I watch the replays, but I don’t watch the games.”

Nick Poust