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Photo Poll

Week of July 21, 2014

“Based on the news of the renovations, what would you change about Gillson Park?”

“The food at Gillson needs to change. The food is expensive and gross. We need cheaper and healthier alternatives.”

Annie Stahl

“They shouldn’t change Gillson. It is perfect the way it is.”

Lilly Rundell

“I wouldn’t change anything. I love this place. It has brought me great memories."

Michael Rundell

“Clean up and fix those bathrooms near the beach house. They are really gross.”

Peter Heles

Week of July 14, 2014

“What is your favorite summer festival and why?”

“That’s easy. Lake Forest’s festival. I go to their festival and it impresses me every time I go. The layout and the quality is fantastic.”

Bobbi Abrahamson

“Port Clinton Art Fair because the quality of the festival is great and I love seeing the art.”

Randi Schwartz

“Retro on Roscoe because the venders and music are fabulous and it has a great family atmosphere.”

Julie Cohen

“Lollapalooza because the music is great and the food is different.”

Rachael Palmer