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From the Editor: Dining Out feature renamed ‘Dining In’ for time being

by Eric DeGrechie, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Every week in our publications, we feature a different restaurant for Dining Out.  

A group of editors will visit the establishment, interview the owner and chef, take photos of the various dishes being featured and...

A Word From The (Former) President: Wilmette’s last farm family gives way to Centennial Park

by John Jacoby, Contributing Columnist Opinion, Contributing Columnists

Modern-day Wilmette residents who enjoy swimming, ice skating, and/or tennis at Centennial Park probably give little thought to the Park’s name. If asked, they’d probably guess that the name honors the 100th...

Letters to the Editor: Deeper coverage of Optima project was needed

by Submitted Content Opinion, Letters to the Editor

[I’m a] long-time reader and fan of The Beacon. I am just retired from a 40 year career in Chicago journalism and politics. My wife and I have lived in Wilmette since 1984.

I don’t know what editorial freedom you enjoy...