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Letter's to the Editor: Treblinka was an extermination camp

by Submitted Content Opinion, Letters to the Editor

I read John Jacoby’s article (May 2 edition) in which he noted that J. Marion Gutnayer’s father was sent to Treblinka Concentration Camp. The substance of the article is interesting but I believe that it is very important to call...

From the Editor: Intern season has begun

by Eric DeGrechie, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

While the official start of summer is still more than a month away, here at the North Shore offices of 22nd Century Media it feels once again as if the season has already begun.

As you read this edition of The Beacon,...

A Word From The (Former) President: Hoffman House — Then and now

by John Jacoby, Contributing Columnist Opinion, Contributing Columnists

The renovation and expansion of the house at 1635 Lake Avenue is almost complete. Located at a prominent site one block east of St. Joseph Church, this unusual project has caught the attention of passersby because it...