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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Cap’s off to Jacoby for recent column

by John Jacoby, Contributing Columnist Opinion, Letters to the Editor

John Jacoby is a talented writer and storyteller. My cap’s off to him for his charming ghost story about the baseball-style Wilmette cap in the Savannah, Georgia CVS store. 

As one who has had her own encounter with...

Letters to the Editor: Scary moments for all during New Trier lockdown

by Submitted Content Opinion, Letters to the Editor

On Nov. 8, someone accidentally activated the lockdown announcement at New Trier’s Winnetka campus. For 15 minutes, students, faculty and parents weren’t sure what was happening.  Was there an active shooter on the campus? I began...

Letters to the Editor: Recent letter about Village’s programs was ‘incorrect’

by Submitted Content Opinion, Letters to the Editor

In a recent letter to the editor entitled “Bielinski has allowed housing commission ‘to falter’” the author and local conspiracy theorist, Jeff Axelrod, was incorrect in his interpretation of the Village’s programs that support...