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From the Editor

Award-winning Wilmette Beacon moving to subscription model

by Joe Coughlin, Publisher Opinion, From the Editor

We hope you have enjoyed receiving your award-winning community newspaper free of charge every week for the past nine years. 

In fact, we know you have, as thousands of you have asked us again and again to keep sending...

From the Editor: Regina Dominican alumna pleases 3-year-old with holiday show

by Eric DeGrechie, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

When I told my son that we would be going to a “Christmas show” last weekend, his eyes lit up. Though we were a little concerned about live theater for a 3-year-old, Denise McGowan Tracy, creator of “Eleanor’s Very...

From the Editor: Courage of Kenilworth teen inspires community

by Eric DeGrechie, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Kenilworth’s Olivia Sergot, 17, is a brave person.  

The New Trier senior is battling a rare form of kidney cancer while also raising awareness. 

“New Trier holds fundraisers for breast cancer, but...