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From the Editor

From the Sports Editor: Cheers to a new look at Loyola Academy

by Michael Wojtychiw, Sports Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Whoa. Oh wow.

Those were the first words out of my mouth when fellow editors Eric DeGrechie and Megan Bernard and I got the chance to tour Loyola Academy’s renovations Aug. 7 before it was open to the public Aug. 11....

From the Editor: We never forget our favorite summer vacations

by Eric DeGrechie, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Growing up in New York, my favorite childhood summer vacation was to visit relatives in Plymouth, Mass. While we didn’t go every year, we did go most and always had a blast.  

Seeing relatives was of course the...

From the Editor: New Trier graduate inspires with Peace Corps work

by Eric DeGrechie, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

The work of the Peace Corps has always intrigued me. I went to a few informational meetings at the end of college as I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with my life. Though it didn’t end up working out as I jumped right into the...