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From the Editor

From the Editorial Intern: Journalism and summer sonderlust

by Maddy Tung, Editorial Intern Opinion, From the Editor

I’ve lived in Wilmette since I can hardly remember. And for the first 18 years of my life, I let much of my town pass me by. Yes, that was the dry cleaner’s, the gas station, a couple of oak trees. There was the pet shop, the church,...

From the Editor: Photos bring back best vacation memories

by Eric DeGrechie, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Throughout my childhood, our family often traveled to Plymouth, Mass. for our summer vacation. With relatives living in the popular tourist town, it was a perfect place to visit and I have countless memories of these treks.   


Listening and learning: Reflection of my time as an intern for 22nd Century Media

by Erica Gelman, Editorial Intern Opinion, From the Editor

I remember my freshman year journalism professor asking the lecture hall why we like stories. It was early morning and I was tired, sitting half-upright in my chair and with my head resting on my palm, largely unaware that his answer would change...