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Mother's Day Essay Contest: Show your love for mom with the written word

by Eric DeGrechie, Editor News, Contests

It’s too often said these days that the written word doesn’t receive the recognition it once did. Getting our thoughts down on paper has become a somewhat lost form of expression.

We aim to change all that while making local moms happy in...

How We Met Contest: Wilmette couple takes top prize with ‘War of the Roses’ love story

by Eric DeGrechie, Editor News, Contests

They say love is a wonderful thing, or at least Michael Bolton, and the Isley Brothers before him, said so years ago. 

Our How We Met contest is one of the most popular that we run. This year was no different. 


Holiday Card Contest: Homage to Rudolph special garners prize for McElhenie family

by Eric DeGrechie, Editor News, Contests

We would like to thanks our readers for making the holiday season extra special. 

Like in past years, we received many thoughtful and heartfelt entries for The...