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Eric DeGrechie, Editor
11:35 am CDT July 19, 2018
Charles Heintz is the new principal of Loyola Academy.


My last child recently graduated from Loyola Academy, therefore, I was an involved parent during Dr. Baal's tenure. Honestly, I was impressed with her ability to command respect with an element of warmth. She was approachable and would stop and listen to a parent or student at a moments notice. I feel she was committed to her job and had the students best interest in the forefront of her leadership. I also admire her for stepping up when she learned of the soccer coaches inappropriate behavior. These types of situations set precedence and the ability for others to speak up rather than hide in fear. This is the change that is occurring with the "me, too" movement in the workforce and should also be the case amongst students and parents who remain quiet because they are afraid of their child being jeapardized in some fashion, as described in this situation. I certainly hope her resignation is not associated with this incidence, as I personally applaud her for the outcome. I do think it is notable that a coaches success can mask unacceptable behavior, even when people speak up. As an exiting parent, I expected that coaches would act appropriately and in line with the spiritual influence of Loyola and it's motto, "Women and men for others". Teaching students this, begins with positive role modeling. Again, I feel Dr. Baal possessed these qualities and wish her continued success.

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