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Photos by Sari Mishell/22nd Century Media Pictured is a Lefty’s pan pizza ($11.25 for a 10-inch, ranging to $20.95 for a 16-inch) topped with mushroom, pepperoni and sausage and a signature caramelized crust.
Lefty’s also offers thin crust pizza ($9.50 for a 10-inch, ranging to $17.50 for a 16-inch). Pictured is a thin crust topped with spinach and bell peppers.
Lefty’s offers a chopped salad ($8.95) prepared with romaine and iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, bacon, diced chicken breast, diced tomato, green onion, ditalini pasta and Gorgonzola.
Martin Carlino, Contributing Editor
5:00 am CDT August 14, 2018
After working as a commodity trader for 20 years, John Munao envisioned a future that ranged far beyond the walls of Chicago’s iconic Board of Trade building.