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Krish Krishnan has captured images from around the world. “A Riot of Color: Kedar Ghat,” an acrylic on hardboard, is shown. Photos Submitted
Krish Krishnan. Photo Submitted
Wilmette artist Krish V. Krishnan recently released his first book, “Rambles Into Sacred Realms: Journeys in Pen & Paint.” Pictured from the book is “The Obelisk Tomb and the Bab as-Siq Triclinium,” drawn with Conte crayon. Photos Submitted
“Camel Catastrophe: Resting from the ride,” was drawn in Egypt on scratchboard. Photos Submitted
“Knight with a Sword: Akko,” is a watercolor of a scene Krishnan saw in Is. Photos Submitted
Eric DeGrechie, Editor
3:56 am CDT April 15, 2015

Krish V. Krishnan is the definition of a world traveler. The Wilmette artist has visited more than 60 countries and called at least dozen of them home at one time or another in his life. 

A successful businessman, Krishnan has always made a point to carry art supplies in his suitcases during these voyages to document some of what he sees. Whether using watercolor, scratchboard, acrylics, pencil or pastel, he expresses himself through his art and then chronicles the experiences by composing journalistic essays on each piece.