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Staff Report
1:19 pm CDT March 17, 2020

Three fire department personnel for the City of Highland Park responded to an emergency call at a home in Highland Park on March 16, where they cared for a patient who may have been exposed to COVID-19 due to recent international travel, according to a statement from the City of Highland Park reports our sister paper, The Highland Park Landmark.

The paramedics sought medical guidance from Highland Park Hospital and were quarantined immediately after returning to the fire station. The paramedics did not respond to any public calls or interact with other personnel following their return to the station. They will remain quarantined pending results from the patient's COVID-19 test. The ambulance they were operating has been disinfected and undergone a deep anti-viral cleaning. 

According to NorthShore University Health System, the Fire Department personnel have a very low risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. Results are expected by Tuesday evening.

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