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A burned out car near a home above Malibu High School that perished in the Woolsey Fire. Suzy Demeter/Malibu Surfside News
Staff Report
8:59 am CST November 17, 2018

Most have likely seen or heard of the devastation taking place as wildfires have raged throughout the state of California this month, including the recent Woolsey Fire that ravaged Malibu.

What many may not know is that The Wilmette Beacon publisher 22nd Century Media also produces the Malibu Surfside News, which has been reporting on the fires since mandatory evacuations for Malibu went into effect the morning of Friday, Nov. 9. Since then, as of press time, at least three people are dead, one councilmember was hospitalized and more than 500 structures were destroyed in the Woolsey Fire.

First and foremost, our hearts go out to those who have been impacted by the disaster. It is a community that is close to us despite being more than 2,000 miles away from Chicago.

With that in mind, we also would like to share the following list of resources compiled by the Surfside News for anyone looking to help.

The County of Los Angeles recommends monetary donations to the following organizations supporting victims of the Woolsey Fire.

• American Red Cross:

• United Way:

• LA County Animal Care Foundation:

• LA Fire Department Foundation:

The City of Malibu additionally suggests assistance through Boys & Girls Club of Malibu.

• Community relief:

• Equestrian relief:

For those looking to stay up to date on Malibu news, we have temporarily dropped our subscription requirement for the Surfside News online, as we cover the disaster and its aftermath. You can read online, exclusive coverage and see a digital version of our print edition at