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Photos by Eric DeGrechie/22nd Century Media The tuna roses dish ($24 for three people) at Tanoshii Sushi Mike’s in Highland Park features bluefin tuna, chive sauce, radish and truffle honey. The finished dish is seared with a blowtorch.
A specialty spider maki dish was made with soft-shell crab and fried spicy tuna on the bottom.
A fish and chips appetizer ($15 for three people) includes pico de gallo, avocado, spicy tuna and flying fish eggs served on a tortilla chip.
The chef’s sashimi slider features escolar, bluefin tuna, Japanese snapper and scallops.
The salmon rolls were topped with a white peach balsamic and truffle honey.
Courtney Jacquin, Contributing Editor
11:15 am CDT June 1, 2017
California rolls, Philadelphia rolls, spicy tuna — if you’re a sushi lover, there’s a good chance you’ve ordered these maki rolls before, and it’s likely what brings you into a sushi restaurant.