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Photos by Courtney Jacquin/22nd Century Media The kabuli palao ($13) is a rice dish with raisins, carrots and lamb, and is one of Thali Bites’ most popular items.
Bhindi ($10) is okra cooked in a variety of spices.
Veggie samosas ($1.50/each) are stuffed with potatoes, peas and spices, and are one of the most popular choices of vegetarians.
Nihari ($12) is a slow cooked beef stew with bone marrow and spices. In Pakistan, the dish is eaten for breakfast, but has been incorporated into lunches and dinners as well.
Naan ($1.50/each) is served as a side and is typically eaten with the curry dishes.
Matt Yan, Contributing Editor
2:17 pm CDT March 14, 2017
Ambreen Bokhary’s mother had a mantra she told her daughter growing up: When you’re eating, don’t talk.