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Update: Former Loyola Academy teacher under investigation for ‘alleged internet crimes against children’
Police Reports: Burglar steals suitcases of clothes from unlocked vehicle in Wilmette driveway
Wilmette student charged with 3 felony counts from firearms, explosives incident
Northfield murder suspect pleads not guilty on 80 charges
Police Reports: Thief steals vitamins from Amazon package
Police Reports: Vehicle damaged at Loyola Academy home football game
Wilmette Police announce road closures for Sept. 16 triathlon
Death investigation of 67-year-old woman at Wilmette residence continues
Police Reports: Jewelry, personal documents stolen from ransacked Wilmette home
‘She could’ve got in a car or something’: 911 call reveals more on Wilmette story that went national (AUDIO)
Update: Arrest made of complainant in Winnetka armed robbery case
Police Reports: Burglar uses brute force to enter Wilmette residence during broad daylight
Family of missing kayaker releases statement
Lawyer withdraws from Northfield murder suspect’s case
Update: Initial armed robbery suspects charged with possession of cannabis
Police Reports: Resident reports $600K missing from bank accounts in Wilmette
‘Johnny, no!’: Alleged details of Northfield murder disclosed in court as bail is denied
1 dead, 1 injured following Wilmette Harbor boat explosion
Police Reports: Man steals $1K in razors from Wilmette Walgreens
Police Reports: Thief steals air conditioner from Wilmette residence
Police Reports: Walking man arrested for Cook County warrant in Wilmette
Wilmette Police promote Speed Awareness Day
Police Reports: Disabled breathalyzer device leads to stolen vehicle at Edens Plaza
Wilmette police chief updates Rotary Club on department
Police Reports: 76-year-old chases bicycle thief away from Wilmette residence