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Letters to the Editor

The emperor’s new clothes
Too good to be true
Edens Plaza traffic problem
Why I will vote no
Igniting public discussion
A Memorial Day tribute
In response to the student letters
Bonds still relate to taxes
Protecting our rights, liberties
Using children to push agenda
Rethinking downtown business
To Illinois lawmakers from Wilmette seventh-graders
Pay attention to your child’s schoolwork
Change not always for the better
Is Common Core good for Wilmette? Part II
NT Township’s association with HAP
Common Core: Is it good for Wilmette?
Consider hosting a foreign exchange student
Illinois government too big?
Wilmette Golf decision not right
Cutting HAP funding not Wilmette's style
To the good Samaritan out there
Stay safe in these conditions
A thank you to a thief
Wilmette DOES have a bookstore