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Photos submitted Attendees (left to right) Ann Airey, of Evanston, Nancy Hoying, of Wilmette, and Doug and Lynn Jackson, of Winnetka, enjoy the festivities at the Gather for the Gift event in June at The Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago.
Lyn Fuller, of Wilmete, Chuck Van Horn, of Wisconsin, Melissa Schaupp, of Wilmette, Gerry Komlofske, of Wilmette, and Phil Andrew, of Wilmette.
Sharon Komlofske, of Wilmete, Peter and Nancy Gunder, Gerry Komlofske, of Wilmette, Sean and Josh Anders, of California, Bill and Sheila Westrate, and Telisa Yancy.
Teresa Van Horn, of Wisconsin, Liz Van Horn, of Wilmette, and Monica Thompson, of Wilmette.
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5:00 am CDT September 6, 2019
Gift of Adoption, a national charity that provides financial assistance to complete the adoptions of vulnerable children, hosted its eighth annual signature event, Gather for the Gift, in June at The Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago.