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Photo Poll

Week of November 10, 2014

What does the passage of the $89 million New Trier referendum mean to you?

“It’s going to make classrooms bigger and give us more money to better the resources we have to learn.”

Lauren Yousha

“I think next year it will affect going to class a little because of the construction.”

Maggie Blommer

“My daughter is in high school now, but as I understand the timeline, she will be gone before the school benefits, but both my wife and I voted for it because it benefits the community.”

Edward Price

“I’ve got a daughter in eighth grade, so it may help her out, but it will definitely help the community.”

David Baran

Week of October 28, 2014

“What is your favorite Halloween costume of all time?”

“Halo Spartan master chief. He’s a bad dude and gets the job done.”

Jack Klein

"A peapod when I was a baby, because I am a boss.”

Steve Janaszak

“Darth Vadar. It’s the sickest costume there is. He’s mysterious — and he’s my father.”

Ralph Cox