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Dining Out

Quick Bites: Chicken wings abound on the North Shore

July 20, 2017 Life & Arts, Dining Out

Chicken is such a versatile food. You can turn stock and meat into a hearty soup, dice up and toss into a salad or bread and serve with macaroni and cheese to make a kid’s meal favorite.

In recent...

Dining Out: Bangkok meets Tokyo in Lake Bluff

Life & Arts, Dining Out

Years ago, Kip Sangsawang worked as a United Airlines flight attendant, making the six-hour route from Bangkok, Thailand to Tokyo, Japan four to five times per month. 

During layovers in Narita, Sangsawang, originally...

Dining Out: Highwood’s Buffo’s serves staples for 40 years

by Courtney Jacquin, Contributing Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

When Leonard Innocenzi, known by most as Lenny, told his dad he wanted to open his own restaurant, his dad called him a “buffo” — Italian slang for clown.

In his 20s at the time, Innocenzi didn’t know much about the...

Quick Bites: Delectable ice cream dishes abound in North Shore eateries

Life & Arts, Dining Out

Behold — the ice cream dish. So simple. So universally beloved. Witness the mathematical perfection of its spherical shape, and the way its proffering effects a smile on she who receives it.

In summer, ice cream is...