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Chuck Wagon’s The Niki ($11.99 with fries and a fountain drink) is made with locally-bought ground beef, American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard and topped with a generous portion of gyro meat. Eric DeGrechie/22nd Century Media
The Giant ($19.95) is two half-pound beef patties topped with Wisconsin cheddar cheese, strips of bacon, three onion rings, lettuce, tomato and red onion between a brioche bun served with thick-cut french fries. Xavier Ward/22nd Century Media
Chief’s Pub’s 4 Alarm ($11) is a large half-pound burger topped with white cheddar Wisconsin cheese curds, Canadian bacon, chipotle mayonnaise, lettuce, onion and tomatoes on a pretzel bun served with coleslaw, fries and a pickle. Alyssa Groh/22nd Century Media
The Sunrise burger at The Happ Inn in Northfield ($13.95) is a half-pound burger topped with cheddar cheese, bacon strips, one sunny-side up egg, Tabasco sauce and shoestring french fries in between a brioche bun. Jacqueline Glosniak/22nd Century Media
The R.H Tree Hugger ($11.95) at North Branch is an oatmeal-based patty blended with Parmesan cheese and topped with roasted tomatoes, mixed greens, sautéed green peppers, avocado, chipotle and rosemary aioli. Chris Pullam/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
The Sirloin Burger ($16) at the Prairie Grass Cafe is a sirloin burger topped with a mild amish blue cheese and served along with a warm beefsteak tomato that is topped with a vinaigrette topping and grilled onions to the side. Since there is no bun, there are two potato wedges that serve as a nice side to the burger. Michal Dwojak/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
The cheeseburger ($16) at Valor in Glencoe is topped with applewood bacon, onion marmalade and sheep’s white aged cheddar. The dish comes with fresh-cut fries and housemade tartar sauce. Megan Bernard/22nd Century Media
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3:58 pm CDT September 12, 2017
The cheeseburger – a staple of American cuisine and the item that graces the grills of summer parties far and wide.