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Photos by Alyssa Groh/22nd Century Media The mango tango sushi rolls ($11), are filled with cucumber, jalapeño, white fish and cilantro topped with mango and roe.
One of Bangkok Tokyo’s entrees, padki-mao ($8.99), includes stir-fried spicy flat rice noodles, peapods, baby corn, hot pepper, basil leaves and egg in special sauce.
The Pad Thai ($8.99) contains stir-fried thin rice noodles with choice of meat, bean sprouts, tofu, scrambled eggs, chopped ground peanuts on the side in a light sweet and sour tamarind sauce.
Bangkok Tokyo’s coconut shrimp ($6.95), is served with a side of tangerine and mango sauce.
Dining Out: Bangkok meets Tokyo in Lake Bluff
1:38 pm CDT July 13, 2017
Years ago, Kip Sangsawang worked as a United Airlines flight attendant, making the six-hour route from Bangkok, Thailand to Tokyo, Japan four to five times per month.